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July 22, 2015

Now that you are in the loop

I have something to confess…until The Style Loop I never consigned any of my clothing, shoes or handbags.  It’s not that I was against the concept, it’s that the process seemed time-consuming and too much effort for little reward.  Instead, about four times a year I would invite my family and friends to “shop” my closet of items that I no longer use or wear. This process is mutually beneficial, I love giving my clothes to appreciative friends and they get a bunch of designer stuff for free. However, sitting in my closet, reflecting about the long lost rag & bone boots I ordered online but gave to my friend because of the fit and I was too lazy to return them (you’re welcome, Catherine!), I had a moment of clarity. There has to be a way to combine making some money and spreading my brand love while applying minimal effort.  From this point forward, much to the chagrin of my friends, I am sending my gently used, designer clothing, shoes and handbags to The Style Loop! There are two ways to join the loop…

The first is to log onto thestyleloop.com and click the sell button, fill out the online form describing the item, brand, condition, etc. (we aren’t snobs, our list of accepted brands is vast). Once you submit the form you will receive an email with a prepaid UPS label. Box up your loot and send it to The Style Loop headquarters located in Cleveland, OH! We authenticate, photograph, price, and list your items for sale on our website. 

Or if you are lucky enough to live in Cleveland, OH or the surrounding area we will come to you! You determine the level of service - from the basic pick-up of your items to the full-blown closet tidy up. Whatever method you choose, know that we at The Style Loop are anxiously awaiting your new arrivals.  Stay in the loop and share your unique style!


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